Aldershot- 6th November, 2012

Aldershot- November 9 2012
Ground: Aldershot, The EBB Stadium (The Rec)
Competition: League Two 2012/13
Result: Aldershot 0-0 Wycombe
Pie: Chicken and Mushroom…probably
Price: £2.50
Comments:“Has to be worrying when the pie server doesn’t actually know what flavour the pies are. After big debate he thinks it’s chicken and mushroom. Looks decent until you try to break through the top crust with the airline bendy plastic fork (the last fork they had). So crust could be as deadly as Odd-Jobs bowler. Flavour not bad – and on balance I would be minded to agree it could be chicken and mushroom. At £2.50 good value so long as you still have your own teeth. Overall not very exciting.”- Nick Smith
Rating: 3.5/10

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