Woking- 21st April, 2014

Woking- 21 April Woking- 21 April (Inside Pie)
Ground: Woking, Kingfield Stadium
Competition: Conference 2013/14
Result: Woking 1-2 Aldershot
Pie: Chicken and Gammon
Price: £2.30
Comments: Fulham’s season has been atrocious, Aldershot’s not much better. Despite only cobbling a make-shift side together for the opening day and facing a 10 point deduction from the off, Aldershot have done remarkably well to leave Conference survival in their own hands- a win at local rivals Woking in the penultimate game of the season and they live to fight another year.

The only way to calm the nerves on such a massive day of action was to seek out the nearest pie and smear it all over my tense face. Breaking with the usual steak/balti choice I opted for a chicken and gammon special- more meat= more manliness. While it looked like a salmon had accidentally been stowed in its core, the pinky ham was chunky and enjoyable even if it was comprised of 120% salt. Not the most flavoursome pie, but it took me back to my glorious school dinner days, where the pies were mass produced wholesome goodness for all, tossed on your plate with little regard for your requests for more crust.

Nothing too exciting, but a vast improvement on the piss pie from shite hart lane two days before. Gazing upon the low quality, low league, football amongst the 1,500 Aldershot fans in Woking’s traditional ground I wondered whether English football could be typified any better? Clearly not as Aldershot scraped a win to guarantee survival, a glorious day of old school football that makes you question if the premiership really is all that

Rating: 7/10

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