Aston Villa- 13th April, 2013

Aston Villa- 13 April 2013
Ground: Aston Villa, Villa Park
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2012/13
Result: Aston Villa 1-1 Fulham
Pie: Chicken and Mushroom
Price: £3.20
Comments: “Today is a return to Villa Park. Last season they were giving away free pies at this match – and they were cracking quality too. Today’s offering chicken and mushroom. How hard can it be – well rock hard in fact. Lost the crust straight after purchase – not a good start for my big £3.20 expenditure. The chicken and mushroom sauce – yep that had crust on too. Luke warm, soft non de-script pastry. Overall pretty shite 2/10 – load of bollocks. Only rated it that high because it came without plastic wrapping, you get a free fork and polystyrene tray. Roll on Swansea and last away match of the season next month.“- Nick Smith
Rating: 2/10

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