Sunderland- 2nd March, 2013

Sunderland- March 2 2013
Ground: Sunderland, The Stadium of Light
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2012/13
Result: Sunderland 2-2 Fulham
Pie: Chicken Balti
Comments: “Today it’s the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. With no Fulham home games this month a 600 mile round trip just to get a pie shows hardcore commitment. There’s a serious lack of pit ponies in the fields approaching the stadium so anything with meat will need careful vetting. Decide I may need to alter tactics today. Looks like in the Sunderland warming cabinet their catering manager has gone for a 4 4 2 formation so I’ve opted to take out the creative midfield shelve with a swoop for the “safe” chicken Balti pie. Better still I’m in luck and manage to get a divine blessing of the pie from a passing bishop – see photo – as you do!

Sunderland- March 2 2013 (2)

So enough build up what about the pie. Nice presentation with a sprinkle of trill seeds on the top (hope the seagulls overhead don’t spot those). Deep base with more spicy mix trill in the thick pastry. Light flaky crust – promising start. Content – well it really could be chicken and with what is actually a really flavoursome curry source. Great substance and body. Top stuff 8/10. Bring on the football. If Fulham win might even bump that up to a 9/10.”-Nick Smith

Rating: 9/10


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