Gateshead F.C. C, 21st January 2017


Ground: Gateshead International Stadium
Competition: 2016/17 Vanarama National League
Result: Gateshead 1 – 1 Aldershot Town
Pie: Mince
Price: £2.40

Comments: The traffic jam heading along the Tyne into Gateshead was sadly not going to the International Stadium – but to nearby St James Park to watch Newcastle take Rotherham apart. However on the plus side ample parking at the ground – no wonder as attendance is a very paltry 653 with probably at least 150+ being away Shots fans and probably some creative accounting to the taxman.

If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t find a stand that’s further from the action you’ve clearly never been to watch Gateshead. Pitch, grass, advert hoarding, grass, long jump pit, grass, stand. Binoculars should be dished out on entry and makes s seat at West Ham look like ringside at a boxing match.

Choice of three pies, cheese (what no meat), steak and veg or mince pie. I asked the lady serving “which would you risk/recommend?”
I go with the mince pie – looks good glazed top, but after that it’s all down hill. Tasteless mince, stodgy pastry – bit like the match. Two teams pushing for the playoffs neither of whom managed to be clinical as the match peter’s out into a 1-1 draw. Gateshead missing a fine open goal from 3 yards out that gets skied into orbit.

Highlight of the afternoon the Gatehead stewards trying to evict a misbehaving Aldershot fan – without success as the mosh pit descents to protect and retain the guilty. Even the stewards are lacklustre and call it a day heading off for a cup of Bovril. An unmemorable 1.75 hours of my life gone forever – Nick Smith

Rating 3/10

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