Fulham- 14th September, 2013

Fulham- 14 September 2013
Ground: Craven Cottage
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2013/14
Result: Fulham v West Brom
Pie: Chicken Balti
Price: £3.50
Comments: You would think I’d have exhausted every type of readily available pie at Fulham, bar Martin Jol’s sneaky stash of XXL hog roast monsters hidden away, but low and behold at the last home game a new range of pies had been brought in.

It may have been a new pie selection but it was the same old favourites of Balti’s and Steak to choose from bar a juicy sounding Bombay Vegetable, not manly but a filling I’ve yet to come across in the meat centric world of pies.

One problem, they had none left…did they have any to start with? Hmmmm, less convincing than Riise’s charade as a left back, so with mass disappointment I resorted to another bloody Balti.

To be fair it was very nice, some fun seeds on top and juicy filling and the perfect temperature so a worthy replacement for the mythical Bombay Bad Boy. A fine upgrade for Fulham’s pies, shame it’s at the expense of their work on the pitch.

Rating: 8/10

One thought on “Fulham- 14th September, 2013

  1. Treated myself to a chicken balti vs Everton. Very tasty indeed, borderline food poisoning in the morning. Have to say though it was pretty good. Certainly an advance on the Villi Chilli Cheese dogs we used to have. For once it looks like bloody rollover hot dogs could be pushed out of business.


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