Norwich- 26th December, 2013

Norwich- Dec 26th 2013
Ground: Norwich, Carrow Road
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2013/14
Result: Norwich 1-2 Fulham
Pie:Peppered Steak
Price: £3
Comments: It’s another trip to Norwich and another pie that would be better used as a missile than a snack. This pie had outdone itself; the top was like a tectonic plate, so incredibly hard and dry it resembled Ray Wilkins glistening head. After getting big Phil Senderos over to stamp through the titanium roof I could finally enjoy a sparse selection of reasonably tasty, but very peppery steak bits. How the fuck Delia Smith can allow these pie travesties out is beyond me, with any luck the Norwich fans will utilise them as their intended projectile use for attacking the ailing Chris Hughton
It’s the FA Cup tomorrow and another bloody trip to Norwich, pies are off the list this time round.
Rating: 2/10

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