Leicester City- 29th October, 2013

Leicester- 29 October, 2013

Ground: Leicester City, King Power Stadium
Competition: Capitol One Cup 4th Round 2013/14
Result: Leicester City 4-3 Fulham
Pie: Steak and Kidney
Comments: Ah Lord, what’s worse the fact I’m having to watch Fulham again under Martin Jol or the fact that I’m subjected to painfully mundane in another bloody Pukka Pie?

Undoubtedly Fulham under Netherland’s answer to the Honey Monster.

The steak and kidney pie was fine, the odd meaty chunks floating in the midst of inexplicable brown matter succulent bits of delight but overall it was nothing to write home about, or even away if you are that way inclined. The fact no Balti pies graced the two option menu was a let down, though I had been prior warned so the admission wasn’t as crippling as it could have been. Phew.

On the pitch Fulham topped their clueless display with a performance so incompetent it made Father Ted’s ageing priest side look like Brazil in 1970. United at home, followed by Liverpool away next for Fulham..,joy, at least the pies might get better.
Rating: 6/10



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