Arsenal- 18th January, 2014

Arsenal- 18 Jan 2014
Ground: Arsenal, The Emirates
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2013/14
Result: Arsenal 2-0 Fulham
Pie:Peppered Steak
Price: £3 or was it £3.50…
Comments: I remember a few years ago when Arsenal,in keeping with their ticket prices, had those Wembley style of pies that came in a fancy box and were outrageously overpriced mediocrity, however it looks like cost cutting has come into effect with the bank busting deal for bug eyed lightweight Ozil meaning that the club has been reduced to serving bog standard Holland’s pies.

The tested offering was another well trodden peppered steak, very peppery, not so steaky. All panache and no substance, in tune with Arsenal’s football ethos at least, although the bullet proof pastry would withstand a crunching challenge from Flamini. As for treacle, or was it fecal, dried on brown stuff living on the pie’s crust, who knows what it was, I’m still pondering it.

Incredibly mediocre for a club like Arsenal, I wonder if they are serving these disappointing pies up in the bourgeoisie filled club level? I like to think they’re chomping down on prawn pies with their silverware (the only silverware they’ve seen in 10 years!).
Rating: 5/10 (Excuse my cheap jokes Arsenal fans)

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