Fulham- 11th January, 2014

Fulham- 11 Jan 2014 (Cottage)

Fulham 11 Jan 2014 (2)
Ground: Fulham, Craven Cottage
Competition: Barclay’s Premiership 2013/14
Result: Fulham 1- 4 Sunderland
Pie: (Craven) Cottage Pie & Bombay Vegetable Pie
Price: £3.50
Comments: Now this is what a football pie should be like, tasty, different and with a pun in its name. The thinking man’s half time refresher.

Firstly, its a cottage pie (and a good one at that), quite a rarity in the Balti/Steak dominated footballing pyramid. Points for novelty.
Secondly, its everything you crave in a cottage pie, a creamy, fluffy, top with a meaty centre at its core and reassuringly tough pastry.
Thirdly the presentation is top notch. There’s a nice little faux napkin and box combination to stop you spilling the foamy topping down your lap when Senderos’ incomprehensibly woeful pass goes straight to the opposing strikers’ right foot causes your limbs to malfunction.
Lastly the reasonable price and pun filled name, Craven Cottage Pie=Genius, are the Community Shield-esq sweeteners to top it all off.

In addition to this wonderful job is the latterly pictured Bombay Veggie pie; thoroughly enjoyable as the pastry softly crumbled around the nice and spicey fillings- think decent Balti without the chicken.

However, not even this delicious specimen of a pie could mask the horrors of Fulham’s performance against Sunderland, truly truly abysmal.
Rating: 9/10 (Craven Cottage Pie)
7/10 ( Bombay Veg)
-9/10 (Fulham’s performance)

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