Bournemouth, 26th December 2014

Bournemouth- 26th Dec 2014
Ground: Dean Court/Goldsands Stadium
Competition: 2014/15 Sky Bet Championship
Result: Bournemouth 2 – 0 Fulham
Pie: Chicken & Potato
Price: £3.5o
Comments: Boxing day football is one of English football’s great traditions. For Fulham the day holds extra special significance, as way back in 1963 they spanked Ipswich 10-1, the club’s biggest ever victory. Sadly this was not 1963, it was 2014. Therefore we lost two nil to a rampant Bournemouth.

The day’s pie, stressed as homemade, was a chicken and potato jobby, a nice change from the usual balti bonanza. Firstly, the pie came in a rather jazzy box. Adorned with the club’s unique colours and crest, the box was a nice touch for the pie’s presentation. A good start indeed. Once inside the box, I was perturbed to see that my pie had an odd brown stain on top of it. Hopefully not a skid mark I wondered. Thankfully it wasn’t a dirty protest, merely a very singed roof that looked reminiscent of a big ol’ zit that had been burst into a cavernous crater. Luckily, once inside the pie I was greeted by a cauldron of hefty chunks. Mushroom, onion, potato and, of course, chicken plumped out the pastry casing. In fact the chicken actually tasted half decent, as if it may have actually been a real living animal running around free in the sun once upon a time. Well, that was until it was slaughtered, mutilated and stuffed in my tasty pie. At least it tasted like it had enjoyed a happy, albeit short, life. That’s better than most scrawny scraps of maybe-meat I’ve come across in football ground pies.

Despite Fulham playing diabolically and being lucky to escape with only a two nil loss, the real negative was the fact I had to sit in the pouring rain for two hours with little to get excited about. Needless to say, I now have a stonking great cold. Cheers Fulham, at least it’s another, half decent, pie ticked off the list.

Rating 7.5/10

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